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Load the Ark is dedicated to bringing Bible-based content to life through digital media. Our latest creation is a free, downloadable game available on both iOS and Android platforms. We believe that everyone should have access to quality, enjoyable content that aligns with Bible-based values. Feel free to dive in and enjoy the adventure! 


Season 1
Coming Soon!

We’re excited to share that Load the Ark: Season 1 is nearing completion. After rigorous testing and meticulous preparation, our delightful Bible-based puzzle game is on the cusp of its grand debut.

Load the Ark brings Bible stories to life through digital gameplay. In this captivating adventure, players can test their sequence-solving and pattern-recognition skills as they guide all the animals ready to board Noah’s Ark...

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A Vibrant

We’ve meticulously designed Load the Ark to be a vibrant and visually captivating experience, aiming to bring this timeless Bible story to life!

In this adventure, players can test their wits as they guide all the animals ready to board Noah’s Ark.

Your encouragement matters! We deeply appreciate your involvement in the Load the Ark community.

And exciting news! Our YouTube channel is now live!                   

Season 1
Beta Testing
Join Us!

 Load the Ark: Season 1 Beta Testing – Join Us!

We’re thrilled to announce that Load the Ark: Season 1 is entering the beta testing phase! As we fine-tune every detail, we invite you to be part of this exciting journey.

What’s in Store for Beta Testers?

  • Explore our vibrant and visually captivating world.

  • Test game mechanics, server stability, and large-scale features.

  • Help us squash bugs and enhance the gameplay experience.

How Can You Participate?

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Every donation helps us provide the world with more uplifting and inspiring content.

For any questions about the game do not hesitate to contact our team at:

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