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Load the Ark

A delightful Bible-based puzzle game suitable for all ages. A game where players can enjoy testing their sequence-solving and pattern-recognition skills as they guide all the animals ready to board Noah’s Ark!

Why Make Load The Ark?

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   In a world saturated with digital experiences, we hold a firm belief that both children and adults should encounter uplifting content that resonates with their core values. Our team brings together diverse expertise in art, design, and development, and we share a common foundation rooted in Bible-based principles.

   Drawing from our collective experience working on renowned entertainment projects, we are committed to crafting a game that embodies these cherished values. Our mission is to harness the potential of digital platforms and deliver a positive message that enriches the spiritual lives of our audience.

   Join us aboard the virtual ark as we embark on an adventure that blends faith, creativity, and entertainment!"


Few stories span cultures and time as universally as the account of the great flood and deliverance. As Christians, we find this narrative deeply embedded in the Bible. Our project, “Load the Ark,” represents an innovative approach—an alternative medium through which we retell this enduring story.

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Bible-based &

We hold a deep appreciation for Bible stories and a genuine love for animals. Consequently, we’ve made an exciting decision to integrate an educational element into the game by introducing Ark-o-Pedia. This feature offers a delightful and interactive way to explore real-life animals featured in the game, complete with information about their conservation status. Additionally, keep an eye out for surprise Bible quizzes within the game!

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Every donation helps us provide the world with more uplifting and inspiring content.

For any questions about the game do not hesitate to contact our team at:

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